Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Guess what arrived in my mailbox today? My Simply Love swap goodies from my swap partner over at Sweet, Sassy and Oh So Classy. I was so excited when I opened it to find lots of crafting supplies to play with. I plan on making some cards with all this. As Brittany picked up from my blog, I love to scrapbook and paper craft and I will definitely have fun making things with my new supplies.

Oh and need I not forget the chocolate kisses! Yummy, my favorite. Well tonight I was not that disciplined with not picking after dinner. I probably ate about 10 kisses and feeling it. Guess I have to run an extra mile at the gym tomorrow. It was all worth it!

Brittany thank you so much for my goodies, and it was really fun to meet some fellow bloggers out in bloggerland. I wish I could send you some warmer weather from Florida! I love the snow, but can't handle the cold for long periods of time. Don't know how you all survive it!
A big thanks to Katie over at Simply Love Swap for organizing this swap and giving me the opportunity to meet some new blogging friends. I am just getting started blogging so this was a great way to get exposer to this world.
Brittany I am going to send you a card using my new supplies. Thanks a bunch!


Katie said...

Aww! I love what you got :) thanks for participating!

City Girl Turns Country said...

Love your goodies... I want a card too.