Sunday, February 21, 2010

Amazing friend

Received a sweet belated birthday present today from my amazingly creative friend over at Simplycila. I was so excited as I pulled out each little piece of this gift. Each spool of lace was presented with a special touch of either a ribbon, button, vintage earing and pins. Oh, how I love lace and this little box was filling to the brim with all sorts of gorgeous lace and vintage cloths. Stuffed inside was also two magazines, Sew Somerset and Apronology. Can't wait to find a quite corner to cuddle up and go page by page through these two books. I know they will be giving me lots of inspiration to create somthing using all my new lace. Thank you so much Priscilla for my wonderful gifts! ILOVE THEM!!!!!


Brittany said...

What a cute gift!! Happy belated birthday!

Carrie P. said...

Wow, I am ooo and aahhing over that gift too. A very nice friend to send a very nice gift.
Happy Belated Birthday!