Thursday, January 28, 2010

Action Take 5:

Here my list, the five words that will keep my focus this year. They are not in any order, just key words to remind me. Today I was tested with # 3 Chill. Why you ask, my son comes home from school with lots of homework and I have had a long day. Dinner needs cleaned up because my dishwasher is at dance. Laundry needs done or we are going to run out of towels. My favorite shows are on at 9pm and I want to get everything done so I can watch them. Thursday night is really the only night of the week where I love to watch TV. Faced with all that needed to be done, I needed to CHILL abit and think about the important stuff and do as much as I can. Happy to say I didn't scream at him, just did one thing at a time and guess what it all worked out because it's 8:47 and I am getting my blog updated while clothes are in the dryer, everything else done and ready for my show. Good night!

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