Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Love Notes

Ditto.... Does anyone remember that saying from the movie GHOST. You see I always use this as a reponse to my husbands love note texts during my work day. Well today, I happen to send him an email telling him that I loved him. What do you think his reponse was? No, not Ditto but the note "Love you cause "ditto" is to impersonable". So I responded that it is from one of my favorite romantic movie. He responded, "and what did Demi say back?"
Well do you now? I didn't.
She wanted him to say I LOVE YOU back. Humm, he got me there! Guess a girl is just caught up in the guy in these movies and wishing someone would love her that much. Looks like I missed it. Well for now on, I am going to reponsed back to his love notes, in BOLD I LOVE YOU to Infinity and beyond. (oh no, not another movie phase and no I did not fall in love with Buz Lightyear. I was partial to Woody.)
OK, OK.... I better just stick with I LOVE YOU!!!

PS. Funny thing I was married in 1990 and that is the same year that this movie came out and sadly this year 2009 Patrick Swayze has gone to heaven. He will be missed as I always enjoyed his movies and watching him in all those romantic's roles.

Have you ever adopted phases from any of your favorite movies? Do tell....

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City Girl Turns Country said...

Oh, you are getting to good a this...Can someone please find my sister... I think she has been kidnapped by aliens.