Friday, December 18, 2009

Burnt out

The week is up and have no clue where the week went, all I know is there is still lots that need to be done and I am totally exhausted and just want to quit it all. If one more things falls on my plate to handle, I am going to run. Last night I layed in bed, thinking about why I do all that I do, why I put the pressure on myself. I have come to realize that I have always been this way and it's in my nature. I know I am not happy sitting around and need to be doing something. I love beautiful home made things and so desire to have more time to create. But with work and kids and home, the creative fun comes last along with me. I try... really hard to make me first .... but sometimes it's impossible when I have responsibilities. I often wonder why I can't be like everyone else and just let go. I don't have to do the perfect job and be the fastest at it. Know one else around me seems to. But then when I think about it, it's in my nature. It's ME... and I love ME!

Today starts my 8 day vacation away from work and home where I love to be. Where I can relaz and do the things I love all day. Think I should have been born when women were home. Don't get me wrong I love work, but come to realize that I probably love being home more. There is lots of joyful, giving and caring opportunities to offer the ones I love the most right here at home.

I have to thank the ducks this morning that I saw while waiting at the bus stop with my beautiful daughter. They made me laugh and most of all reminded me to take it slow and don't rush. Life is to short! As they crossed the street this morning in the middle of traffic, they moved at their own pace and didn't worry that those were standing around waiting for them to pass at some where to go and probably in a rush. They even stopped in the middle to enjoy the beautiful breeze and fresh air.
Lessoned learned from the ducks today (DONT RUSH and STOP AND ENJOY THE MOMENT), so if you see me standing in the middle of the road taking a deep breath and enjoying life at duck pace, you know why!!

Take a deep breath and enjoy you day!

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