Thursday, December 31, 2009

Good bye 2009, welcome 2010

"what lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies in us....." -ralph waldo emerson

As we moved into the new year minutes away, a new year and not looking back and wishing for a wonderful year. As stated above focus what lies in us....what are heart speaks...home and family are the most important and working towards not letting work stress me out and take away what lies within me to spend the time with the family.

Today, we put away all the holiday decorations, cleaned the house, completed the entire 2009 family scrapbook ( had a coupon for $39.95 that expires at midnight, and wish I didn't find it at 7 o'clock this evening). Well I beat a record, completing a whole 12x12 digital storybook in 4 hours. Now, I am ready to ring in the NEW YEAR.... Cheers and kisses to all my family!

Happy New Year all....

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Love Notes

Ditto.... Does anyone remember that saying from the movie GHOST. You see I always use this as a reponse to my husbands love note texts during my work day. Well today, I happen to send him an email telling him that I loved him. What do you think his reponse was? No, not Ditto but the note "Love you cause "ditto" is to impersonable". So I responded that it is from one of my favorite romantic movie. He responded, "and what did Demi say back?"
Well do you now? I didn't.
She wanted him to say I LOVE YOU back. Humm, he got me there! Guess a girl is just caught up in the guy in these movies and wishing someone would love her that much. Looks like I missed it. Well for now on, I am going to reponsed back to his love notes, in BOLD I LOVE YOU to Infinity and beyond. (oh no, not another movie phase and no I did not fall in love with Buz Lightyear. I was partial to Woody.)
OK, OK.... I better just stick with I LOVE YOU!!!

PS. Funny thing I was married in 1990 and that is the same year that this movie came out and sadly this year 2009 Patrick Swayze has gone to heaven. He will be missed as I always enjoyed his movies and watching him in all those romantic's roles.

Have you ever adopted phases from any of your favorite movies? Do tell....

Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Day after

Sad, but happy that the day is finally over and Santa has come and gone for another year. Think I need to start earlier next year so I can relax a little more in December. Everyone loved their presents and not sad faces. We had a wonderful dinner except my oven was not working just right, so those that didn't like rare meat where not to happy. Everything else turned out perfect and all enjoyed themselves. Now I have to get them deserts out of my house, before my body takes on another form that I will not be happy with. I need no more rolls!

Today was a trip back to the mall to exchange presents that didn't fit and spend those gift cards. What is it with gift cards, there any easy way out when you don't know what to get someone. Or that someone has everything and really at this time doesn't need anything. So give a gift card get off easy and let them do all the shopping. Well, by Xmas I am done with shopping, but since my kids get gift cards from others, I end of back at the stores shopping again.

Sorry no pictures today, can't get up at this time to get my camera in the other room, since my little puppy is happy sleeping on my lap while I play on the computer in my room.

Wishing mom and dad a Happy 49th anniversary! I can only hope that one day, I will be celebrating 49 with my husband.

Love and joy to all as we approach another year!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is finally here and the kids are getting excited for presents. All food preparations were completed yesterday, along with a chocolate cake that turned out looking just like the cover on the magazine. Vinnie is so motivated that he offered to clean the house today with me. So the house is clean, laundry done...oh and buster he is enjoying the warm towels out of the dryer. Only thing left to do is set the table and relax with my family.

Oh, Hubby just left to get a last minute gift for me. He hates having to buy gifts and shopping. But that's ok, because I usually end up taking care of myself while I am out shopping.

Looking forward to attending Mass with Mom and Dad and my family tonight.

So what's left:
Set my Xmas dinner table

Relax and spend time with family.

Wishing all a very Merry Christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

3rd day of Christmas

Productive day yesterday spending most my day playing in my favorite room of the house. I made tags to attach to all the goodies being delivered to my neighbors today. And finishing up on a friends homemade Christmas gift. So today, it's time to start meal preparations.

Cookbooks are out, potatos in the oven, ingredients gathered for my homemade bread, and a trip to the market to get some fresh veggies.

So what's left:
Print out my place cards for Xmas dinner
Start preparing Xmas dinner
Bake a chocolate cake for Xmas dinner
Set my Xmas dinner table
Clean up the house abit
Relax and enjoy Christmas Eve and Christmas day with family!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

4 days and counting

Final days of completing my holiday cheer! I am excited to say that I have won 2nd prize again this year in our Neighborhood holiday lights contest and already thinking ahead for next year.

All my cookie baking is done and today, I will be packing them up for my friends and neighbors to enjoy. Mom, I won't forget you!!!
All my presents are wrapped thanks for my wonderful daughter who loves to wrap presents.

So what is left:
  • Print out my place cards for Xmas dinner

  • Start preparing Xmas dinner

  • Bake a chocolate cake for Xmas dinner

  • Deliver all my goodies to my friends and neighbors

  • Set my Xmas dinner table

  • Clean up the house abit

  • Relax and enjoy Christmas Eve and Christmas day with family!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Burnt out

The week is up and have no clue where the week went, all I know is there is still lots that need to be done and I am totally exhausted and just want to quit it all. If one more things falls on my plate to handle, I am going to run. Last night I layed in bed, thinking about why I do all that I do, why I put the pressure on myself. I have come to realize that I have always been this way and it's in my nature. I know I am not happy sitting around and need to be doing something. I love beautiful home made things and so desire to have more time to create. But with work and kids and home, the creative fun comes last along with me. I try... really hard to make me first .... but sometimes it's impossible when I have responsibilities. I often wonder why I can't be like everyone else and just let go. I don't have to do the perfect job and be the fastest at it. Know one else around me seems to. But then when I think about it, it's in my nature. It's ME... and I love ME!

Today starts my 8 day vacation away from work and home where I love to be. Where I can relaz and do the things I love all day. Think I should have been born when women were home. Don't get me wrong I love work, but come to realize that I probably love being home more. There is lots of joyful, giving and caring opportunities to offer the ones I love the most right here at home.

I have to thank the ducks this morning that I saw while waiting at the bus stop with my beautiful daughter. They made me laugh and most of all reminded me to take it slow and don't rush. Life is to short! As they crossed the street this morning in the middle of traffic, they moved at their own pace and didn't worry that those were standing around waiting for them to pass at some where to go and probably in a rush. They even stopped in the middle to enjoy the beautiful breeze and fresh air.
Lessoned learned from the ducks today (DONT RUSH and STOP AND ENJOY THE MOMENT), so if you see me standing in the middle of the road taking a deep breath and enjoying life at duck pace, you know why!!

Take a deep breath and enjoy you day!