Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Back on-line

Yeap, I haven't forgot about my blog, just trying to stay away from technology for a while. Recovering nicely from surgery last week and feeling stronger each day. I have realized that I hate to be down and out and would go nuts tied down with any illness. Motivates me even more to continue to live a healthy life!

This last week I have been able to sit around and get some projects completed while I recover and get some things organized around the house.
Little Sis, I finished up your xmas quiltlet. Can't wait to give it to you this Thanksgiving. I am so happy that most of us will be able to spend Thanksgiving together.

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City Girl Turns Country said...

Oh I love it.. can't wait to see you and spend sometime crafting. Time to teach me online scrapping. How is Donnie Apron coming along?