Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tis the Season

Yesterday was such a wonderful day with my family enjoying day 2 of Thanksgiving dinner. I am have had my fix of Turkey until next year of course. The weather was just perfect and we were able to eat dinner outside, which is rear in Florida at this time of year. After dinner we went of for a photo shoot at the beach and took some really great photos. I especially love the one with all the girls. Everyone was not to excited to head to the beach but after we came home and enjoyed the pictures their attidutes changed. Guess after eating such a big meal it can be difficult to move, but I am grateful we went, because we had fun and laughed and in return rewarded with some amazing pictures we will treasure for a lifetime.

Today, all my fall decorations were packed away for another year and Christmas decorating started with the outside. We spent most of the day until dark on the outside and it is looking good. Still some finishing touches need to me added, then I will post my completed house. I am so exhausted that I can barely keep my eyes open so, I guess I better lay down and get more energy for another day of decorating tomorrow. My husband does not like to hear those words! It's going to be tough getting him back out there tomorrow to finish up. He just loves me and my decorating!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Preparations Begin

Today was a raining day which made it a perfect day to be indoors and cooking. Started preparations at 11:30am and completed around 4:00pm. Then started to cook dinner for the family by 6pm.
This was a picture of my kids at the dinner table. So happy together, which was another treat for my day which I am thankful for.

Oh, did I mention thanks MOTHER NATURE for filling our swimming pool, I am thankful for the FREE water and savings of about $100.00 on my water bill that would have been this month.
After a long day of cooking I wanted to get out so we decided to go to the movies tonight to see "THE BLIND SIDES" together. This was a treat, since once my baby became a teenager, I don't get to do things like this to often. I really enjoyed the movie. Such an amazing inspiring movie, one perfectly planned to come out around Thanksgiving to make you think about how thankful we all should be for the families we have been born into. When you think you have it bad, stop and look around you and you will most definitely see signs of others around you that have it much worse.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Black and White Dinner Crop

Little Black Dress Dinner Crop!

What a fun night! The girls have just left and we had such a great time. We enjoyed an awesome dinner and cropping. Everything went perfect, the table looked great, the weather held out, not to hot and no bugs. This was my first dinner under my new Pergula that my wonderful husband built for us. I can't wait to get the lights over top, but the candles on the table gave us just enough lights. It was perfect with the Italian dinner music playing in the background, wine and lasagna.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Back on-line

Yeap, I haven't forgot about my blog, just trying to stay away from technology for a while. Recovering nicely from surgery last week and feeling stronger each day. I have realized that I hate to be down and out and would go nuts tied down with any illness. Motivates me even more to continue to live a healthy life!

This last week I have been able to sit around and get some projects completed while I recover and get some things organized around the house.
Little Sis, I finished up your xmas quiltlet. Can't wait to give it to you this Thanksgiving. I am so happy that most of us will be able to spend Thanksgiving together.