Monday, October 26, 2009


Monday's are usually one of the toughest days of the week. So I am happy to say today was a wonderful productive day. It started at 5am when I work for the gym. Granted I was tired and thought about skipping, but I chose to listen to the little voice that wanted me to go. So off I went. I decided to not walk/run on the treadmill but spice it up abit, by doing Tabo with Billy. Boy he kicks but, and speaking of butt, mine will be sore tomorrow I am sure. As the say goes, No pain, No Gain! So bring it on Billy...

Next one of my 1st emails of the day was about Hot Chocolate as it relates to life. Thanks DAD for sending out to your girls. Well, Hot Chocolate happens to be my favorite pleasure drink at this time of the year (well at least when we have a cool morning). It brings back many fond memories for me. When I sip my cup, I think about when I was a little girl in France and my Memere making us a big cup of chocolate, with a fresh Chocolate Crossant. Ah do I miss those days!

Yesterday, I said I was going to start my Christmas projects and I am happy to say, Christmas project #1 completed. The top was completed last year and sitting around waiting for me to quilt. So it was a fast and easy one to get done and get my self kick started once again. Next on to the mini's I got in GA. Will be making 4 to share with my sisters and mother.
Time to go cuddle up with hubby and watch a little TV, before I drift off to sleep after a productive day! Good night.

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