Friday, October 16, 2009

Annual Sisters Weekend

With time and distance between us, this year we started an Annual Sisters weekend. Our journey began last night from West Palm Beach and Orlando to Atlanta to visit our little sister in Georgia. Today we woke early for a 2 hour drive in the mountains to a quilt festival, we were inspired by the quilts and Gerri even decided to give it a try and bought fabric to make her 1st quilt. Nathalie - she said, "if requires ironing, I AM OUT!!!". Well, It took me over 10 years to get her to Scrapbook, so maybe on our 10th annual sisters weekend, she will start quilting.

After the quilt festival, we ventured for photo ops at an old barn.

Then onto an apple orchard where we jumped for joy (Literally). SORRY - Due to the graphic nature and gravity, some photos will not be posted.

After, we then entered the Pumpkin patch and had cheddar popcorn and hot apple cider.But wait, the day wasn't over yet, there still was shopping to do. Nathalie took us to a new store she discovered that was like our old favorite in Pembroke Pines. CASEY WAS LUCKY!!!!

Stay Tuned for Day 2's adventure.

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