Monday, September 28, 2009

Still Grovin...

Well Day 6 and 7 never made it to my blog, but I can honestly say, I was grovin on my projects. Finished up the "scare crow" one, and just about done with the my pumpkin one. Friday night I worked all day, then had concession duty for the Varisty football game and was way to late to blog. Saturday taught a Digital one-on-one class and then went out boating and dinner with some friends. Sunday, had to get ready for the work week, you know the things the ruler of the house has on her list (groceries, laundry, etc). So in the middle of this crazy week and weekend, I at least accomplished finishing up 1 of the 4. YEAH!!! Now if I can only get my husband to bring down my fall decorations. I WANT TO GO IN THE ATTIC but to afraid of them darn ladders! Don't you just hate waiting for guys to get something done for you when you ask.

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